Grain Cloud is presented by Skandia Elevator and Skandia Elevator shall take all appropriate steps to ensure the strong protection of privacy within the company. This applies to the processing of personal data on customers, suppliers and staff, as well as for other individuals who may become registered in the company’s IT systems.

Skandia Elevator is Data Controller for the personal data that is collected and processed within the company.

Skandia Elevator only stores the personal data needed to fulfil the agreement between Skandia Elevator and the customer’s customers, suppliers, employees or other parties that may become registered in the company’s IT systems. We save the personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the data was collected. The data can also be saved for the period of time required in accordance with applicable legislation. At Skandia Elevator, we have continuous routines that ensure we do not store unnecessary personal data and we minimise the storage time to as great an extent as possible.


Skandia Elevator endeavours to ensure that all the information we process shall be correct. If you want access to the processing of your personal data, you are entitled to request access to your data via an extract from the register. If we receive a request from you, we may ask for supplementary information in order to ensure that we are giving your information to the right person. A request for an extract from the register must be signed in writing by you. You are also entitled at any time to request that your personal data be corrected.

You can request erasure of your data to the extent that is in compliance with applicable legislation and in accordance to agreements entered into, and we shall naturally always do our best to fulfil your request for erasure. You are also entitled to object to our processing (e.g. if any of the data collected is incorrect). In some cases, Skandia Elevator cannot fulfil your request for erasure if the data is needed to meet current legislation.



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