Get full control of your harvest

Get full control of your harvest with Grain Balance – the elevator scale that measures your loads of grain. The result is presented visibly in the mobile and gives you full control over your harvest, your total stock in real time, per variety and field as well as a yield per hectare. You just need to tip your load and, in the app, you can easily define which field the harvest comes from. Grain Balance fits excellently in all our elevators with gear box motor, which means that this is an affordable way to a digitalized and profitable agriculture.

Complete control

No more guessing, from now on you will get a balance in real time with detailed info about your yield per hectare, field, parcel, variety and a result on your total harvest.


Fast delivery and about two hours installation and then everything is up and running and the first cart can be tipped in.

Simple & Affordable

All information is a keystroke away in your mobile. New technology together with your existing machines digitizes your farm at a lower cost.

Get full control of your harvest

  • How to get Grain Balance

  • Grain Balance is part of
    the Grain Cloud app.
    Grain Cloud is a full insight of your facility and it offers the ability to remotely initiate processes right at your fingertips. It optimizes the work flow, minimizes downtime and saves money.
    Grain Balance and Grain Cloud is available through AppStore and Google Play, but in order to get full access (and working features) your facility needs to meet the requirements listed below.

”Compared to a car scale, this was a very quick solution. It took a couple of hours to install and then everything was up and running.”.

David Andreae
— Operations Manager, Degeberg Holding

”It’s an important complement to what is already happening digitally on our farm. The more time I spend on the app, the more I get out of it.”.

Lars Rönnholm
— Drying Manager, Vadsbo Växtodling

”It is clearly an affordable alternative to a car scale and everything works very easily.”.

Fredrik Bäck
— Co-owner, Vätterlen Gårdar

”I have never before had such good control of my stored volumes as this year.”.

Juha Kallio
— Owner, Kallio Farm
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